Week 4: Eat Smarter to Think Better



1. Employers must be able to give their employees the tools, tactics, and strategies they need to focus better and have more energy.

2. Working to shift the food culture of your organization will create a context that will improve the health and wellness of your employees, and enable them to be more effective and successful.

3. Simple changes include offering healthy snacks, and educating employees about the issues of simple carbohydrates and the benefits of healthy proteins and fats.


By week 4, you should be encouraging people to deliberately begin to create new habits and routines around healthy eating. There are a few simple things the company can do:

  • The company can start providing healthy snacks and drinks and eliminating unhealthy options. It’s time to get rid of the high-calorie, low-nutrient offerings such as pop, juice, and vending machine junk. It’s time to start investing in herbal tea and healthy snacks.

  • Consider catering healthy lunches or identifying places nearby where people can go to get a healthy lunch. Look to decrease the amount of simple carbohydrates such as rice, bread, and pasta, and move people toward vegetables, fruits, and healthy protein sources.

  • We also want to get people considering using healthy fats during the day such as avocado, olive oil, coconut, and wild fish. These foods elevate omega-3 fatty acid levels and make an enormous difference in brain power over time. This is, after all, about giving people more energy. These foods will help people avoid the afternoon crash, they will be able to sustain their energy all day.

Nutrition can be very confusing and controversial, but if you break it down, it’s pretty simple. Easy changes such as avoiding processed foods and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can make a world of difference. Look to decrease your intake of sugar and highly processed carbs. Add proteins in the morning to help you concentrate and healthy fats to improve brain function. Keep everything as simple as possible by following a few rules, and you can dramatically improve your health and work performance.

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