Week 2: Deconstruction



1. If you don’t get a clear metric outlined at the beginning of the project, you cannot track your progress to determine whether improvements are being made.

2. Therefore, Week 2 should be Deconstruction. Do a complete audit of the workplace and how everything is currently running.

3. Any way you can measure what people are doing before and after beginning the program will help you see how performance can increase in an environment with fewer distractions.


At this point, it’s time to deconstruct what you’re currently doing and build a better plan. By deconstruction we mean taking a step back and examining what you’re currently doing. Here are examples of questions you can ask:

  • How is everyone spending their time?

  • How much is everyone working?

  • What are the current hours that everybody’s currently putting in?

  • What’s the current effectiveness?

  • How productive is the group?

  • What are the stress levels of the group?

  • What’s the health of the group?

  • What’s the performance of the group?

  • What business metrics can you track to determine if the change is effective?

As previously mentioned, it can help to have employees track email time before and after changes are implemented so they can see the dramatic difference more focused work time can make. It can also help to look at how many files the accounting staff can tend to each day before and after.

Also measure sick days. Look at how many days employees missed for the last three years before the program was implemented and compare the data with how many days are missed for six months after. In all likelihood, you will see a significant reduction in sick days and benefit costs.

Deconstruct as much as possible within the organization to determine where you are starting. This will later help you measure the effectiveness of the program.

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