Master Your Day Key 4: The Power of Flow



1. The final key to mastering your day is the Power of Flow

3. A flow state - otherwise known as “The Zone” - is when you're energized, motivated, focused, happy, and able to perform your best at a particular task.

3. With a few simple exercises, you can learn how you can reach this flow state on demand.


Key 4: The Power of Flow

Have you ever been working diligently at a task, then looked at the clock and been shocked at how much time has passed? Do you feel yourself getting into “The Zone” when engaging in an activity you not only excel at but also enjoy? That magical state is called flow. When you establish a state of flow, your energy rises and your work becomes easier to accomplish. It helps you reach your greatest potential.


In the research literature, this flow state is known as the Ideal Performance State (IPS). American psychologists Robert Yerkes and John Dodson first described the ideal performance zone in 1908. Basically, their Yerkes–Dodson Law describes the activation–performance relationship. When our activation is low, we lack motivation, interest and energy. When our activation is high, we are agitated, anxious, stressed or tense.

But somewhere between these two activation states (either too activated or not activated enough) there lies the magical ideal performance state. The state where we are energized, motivated, focused, happy, and able to perform at our best.

Unfortunately, for most of us, these moments are rare and seem random. But flow is something you can achieve on demand, and it is a state you can learn to control.

To start with, think about times when you were productive, engaged, and full of energy - even if the activity was low key - while also feeling a sense of timelessness. This is your flow state. Then ask yourself a few questions:

Act: What were you doing before that moment? What were your actions? Were you stretching? Did you have a good breakfast?

Think: What were you thinking? Did you tell yourself what you were going to do? What mindset did you have?

Feel: What were you feeling? Were you angry? Excited? Motivated? Happy?

Now use this as a roadmap for building your own flow routine. By taking some time to understand it, you can learn how enter your flow state on demand.

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Today’s Habit: The 90 minute rule

How did last week go? Were you able to work diligently on a task for 30 minutes? This week see if you can gradually increase the time by 15-minute increments until you are able to do 90 minutes of productive, uninterrupted Power Work.

Good luck!


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