Master Your Day Key 2: Power Fuel



1. The next key to mastering your day is with Power Fuel.

2. Fuel your brain properly to make sure you are optimizing your Power Work. Look for foods that are high in healthy protein to improve your concentration and focus.


Key 2: Power Fuel

During Power Work, you will need Power Fuel to sustain your energy and focus. Just as you started your day with a healthy meal to propel you in the right direction, you need healthy snacks and lunch options to keep you moving forward.

One of the easiest things people can do to perform better, be healthier, and improve their mental performance is to understand how the foods we eat change the way our brains work. The foods you eat during the day change the chemicals the brain uses to communicate with itself. Those chemicals, called neurotransmitters, are made of various types of things from the foods we eat.

If we eat foods higher in protein than carbohydrates, we increase the number of neurotransmitters that help us concentrate and stay focused. If we eat foods higher in carbohydrates than protein, we increase the neurotransmitters that widen our focus and help us to relax.

Just think about how you feel an hour after having a kale salad with chicken versus an hour after having a huge plate of pasta. With the salad, you feel much more able to focus and concentrate and have reasonably good energy. If you have the pasta, you probably need a nap.

There is no doubt the most distracting foods are also the most prevalent, but if we think about the choices we make and do things differently, we can be healthier and dramatically improve our ability to concentrate and stay focused.

Nutrient-dense foods optimal for Power Fuel include:

  • organic grass-fed meats

  • cold-water fish

  • black beans

  • berries

  • avocado

  • raw nuts

  • seeds

  • eggs, particularly omelettes with greens

  • coconut

  • kale

  • ginger

  • carrots

A good example of how you can add Power Fuel into your day is to eat a little bit of dark chocolate in the afternoon. Chocolate with 70% or more cocoa can improve vascular reactivity, the ability of your blood vessels to change their diameter so more oxygen can reach the brain, thereby increasing mental performance and alertness. For a delicious and healthy treat, try a small piece of dark chocolate right after lunch and see how that helps you perform in the afternoon.

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Today’s Habit: Determine your “Power Work” time

Hopefully last week you tracked your work habits and determined what time of day you are the most productive, have the most energy, and can focus relentlessly. For the next week, continue to track your work habits so you can get a better idea of when you do your best work.

If you’ve already determined what time of day you work best, block off this time to get your most important work done. Protect this time by turning off all notifications and putting systems in place to ensure you are not interrupted.


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