A Call to Action

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1. We want to address the global issue of unhealthy attachment to distraction we are experiencing, how it’s affecting the human race, and how it’s also significantly impacting the workplace.

2. All of us have created this problem, whether passively or actively, and it’s up to all of us to fix it.

3. Using the tips and tools presented in this program, you can make a difference by changing the way you live and work - even if it’s for 15 minutes each day.

If you love what you do and are willing to do what it takes, it’s within your reach.
— Steve Wozniak

We are moving from an industrial-based economy to a technology-based economy, and as a result, there is massive disruption that’s only going to get more intense. We are only twenty years into the internet. We are just getting started.

As a result, being married to the traditional ways of doing things is no longer feasible. We need to map out a way of working that is going to enable us to do things differently in the future and to enable workers and companies of the future to respond to the fact that many tasks are going to be automated. We need to enable people to be creative and more agile with their thinking. The only way to do that is by adopting the types of strategies we are proposing in this program.

Although we are speaking about a new way of working, it’s really about setting the stage for the future and putting people in a position where they can respond instead of reacting. This is a critical foundation for us to consider before we move forward.

We didn’t even notice when it became okay for people to talk and text through meetings. There was no one day when it suddenly became acceptable to email employees during dinner. It just crept in. But we allowed it to creep in, and now we must deal with it.

If we do nothing, we continue to contribute to the biggest health threats to the human race today. Obesity and poor mental health statistics are staggering and continue to climb. The number of people who are sleep deprived is constantly on the rise. It is time to reclaim our health, both physically and mentally.

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Start by creating an evolution in your own personal life, then apply what you’ve learned and experienced to your workplace. Educate your work colleagues, friends, and family, and encourage them to make a change in their life as well. Even if you start with just finding fifteen more minutes in a day, you are moving in the right direction. You will begin to reclaim control over your life and stop distractions from stealing your time.

Thank you for being a part of the Program!

Dr. Greg Wells


The information and advice provided in this program is intended to assist you with improving your performance, as well as your general health. It is not intended and should not be used in place of advice from your own physician or for treatment or diagnosis of any specific health issue. By participating in this program you acknowledge that undertaking any new health, diet and/or exercise regime involves certain inherent risks, that you assume such risks, and that you release Wells Performance Inc. from any responsibility or claim relating to such participation.

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